by Old Smile

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photo is a still from this video:


released November 28, 2016



all rights reserved
Track Name: Handing Over Your Key
walking down this hall
where you lost your name
handing over your key
to buy what you need
newspaper in her hands
said its not looking good today

took the elevator to the second floor
looking for an answer
or a face she knew
she wondered where did they go?

where did they go?
Track Name: Shut Off
Gonna shut off my mind for this time
See you rising higher
See the color fade from your eyes
Seen it
In your veins
Put away what you say now
You'll find some
New lines to read
And there's someone always asking
How I got here
Down the hall
Gonna shut off my mind
Track Name: Tapping Your Cards
Tapping your cards against the table
Will you go if you're able?
Lost sight of today
Found trouble coming round
Asked me what I found
In the dark years ago

You found the
Day gone before
You could hold on

I remember her face
Glowing bright in the night
Just before I lost sight

You found the
Day gone before
You could hold on
Track Name: Rearrange
Stranger chasing a face to know
Reaching for a hand that reached back
That could pick you up and rearrange

Wonder what
You became

Your loves a fading expression
You wear only in crowded rooms
Its getting late
And everyones moved on
End this cycle
Voices in the crowd
Wonder what